"Creative, Professional and Reliable. Shaun is always there to ensure that Big Rock Brewery graphics are

admirably represented in the market."

-Brenda Sgaggi, Trade Marketing Manager Big Rock Brewery

"In an industry filled with names that reflect Teutonic traditions, alpine splendor, or brave woodland predators, our company is named after a multi-tonne granite glacial deposit located outside of Okotoks, Alberta. This big rock in the middle of the prairie is known as an erratic, we think it fits. ”


Shaun teamed up with Big Rock in 2009 and works closely with their Trade Marketing and Sales Representative teams, helping Big Rock maintain its standing in a competitive marketplace. Working with a local company that prides itself on brewing the best beer possible is a perfect match for Almost Creative.

2018 Folk Fest On Premise Posters


Barn Burner Variety Pack Sell Sheet


Big Rock Assorted Marketing Material


Grasp Original. Est 2003