"Shaun has been the visionary behind GlobalFest's looks since 2006. His designs are clean, fun and evoke emotions that get people excited for our annual summer festival. Almost Creative is a wonderful partner to have & we're never letting him go!"

-Nikki Macaraeg, Associate Producer, GlobalFest

GlobalFest is a not-for-profit society dedicated to celebrating and showcasing Calgary’s cultural diversity and artistic excellence within our communities locally and across the globe. They are committed to producing an inclusive, world-class, multi-faceted arts and cultural festival that will enhance Alberta’s reputation as a truly international destination.”


Shaun works closely with the GlobalFest team and together produce a successful local campaign across many platforms. From programs, brochures and billboards, to bus benches and beyond, Almost Creative successfully assists GlobalFest in reaching their audience in an exciting, creative manner.

2018 GlobalFest Marketing Collatoral


2018 GlobalFest Program


GlobalFest Sponsor Presentation


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